Care for Space Maintainer

Children readily adapt to space maintainers; however, there is a period of adjustment needed. Swallowing, eating and speaking may be difficult and the tongue could be irritated until your child adjusts.

Routine check-ups are necessary to observe the eruption of the permanent teeth, growth of the jaws and health of the teeth. The space maintainer may need adjustments as permanent teeth erupt. In some instances, space maintainers have to be reconstructed or a different appliance made due to timing, sequence and position of the erupting dentition.

To prevent cavities from forming around the teeth, extreme care should be taken to ensure that the teeth are brushed and flossed daily. To prevent the loss or damage of your child’s space maintainer, please make sure your child avoids the following:

  • Chewing gum

  • Sticky candy such as Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Rolls, gummies, and caramel

  • Biting down on anything hard such whole apples, carrots, (especially if given a Lower Lingual Holding appliance) hard candy and ice

  • Tugging or pushing on the space maintainer with fingers, tongue, or other objects such as a pen or pencil

If the space maintainer becomes loose or breaks, please contact the clinic for an appointment as soon as possible. If your child’s teeth move as a result of a lost space maintainer, more extensive and costly treatment may be required to correct your child’s bite.

If you do not fully understand the purpose and benefits of space maintenance, please ask Dr. Ellie Sakhi for further clarification.