We want your family’s experience with Tooth & Co Pediatric Dentistry to be a wonderful one, starting with your child’s first visit. We simply ask that you follow these four easy steps prior to coming in for your first visit.

Make an Appointment

Provide us with your contact information and we’ll give you a call to set up a specific day and time that’s convenient for you.  Or call us for immediate assistance.

Note: We recommend the morning for younger children when they are more alert. 

Fill Out a few forms

Fill out and submit the following: REGISTRATION FORM and MEDICAL HISTORY. If you would like us to bill your insurance company on your behalf, please bring your dental insurance card to your first appointment as well.


There’s no need to over prepare your child for their first visit. We encourage parents to stay positive and stress free. Children can sense anxiety, so it’s important not to use words such as hurt,shotdrill or needle to prevent your child from fearing their visit. Just tell them they’re getting a cleaning and will have a beautiful smile once we’re done! After all, it’s the truth!




Get directions

Lastly, grab our address and directions on the CONTACT page, so that you’re able to get to our office hassle-free and on time.  We have plenty of free patient parking available.